Anjuman-I-Islam, Mumbai is the largest minority Educational and Social Trust of Minorities in the country and also an organization of inclusive mindset. The Trust is in its 147 th year and was started by Justice Badruddin Tyabji (Third President of Indian National Congress and the First Indian Chief Justice of Bombay High Court) as a premier organization to build up a strong education base for the Indian community in 1874. Those were turbulent times, when waves of freedom struggle and nationalism were sweeping through the country and the founders of Anjuman-I-Islam played active role in freedom struggle.

The trust is a vast organization which manages about 97 institutions and at any one time it has approximately one lakh students, of all communities studying in these institutions. Its educational programmes range from nursery/pre-primary schools to graduate, postgraduate and research centers. These institutions cover the gamut of educational disciplines from Engineering and Business Management to Architecture, Pharmacy, Law, Medicine and Hotel Management & Catering.

Dr. Zahir I. Kazi has been elected President of Anjuman-I-Islam since 2009. Though a practicing Radiologist having received medical education both in India and USA, he is devoting his time for the cause of education and social welfare of the community in particular and society in general. Anjuman-I-Islam has grown multi-fold under the leadership of Dr. Zahir Kazi. This organization offers higher, technical and professional educational avenues, apart from its schools, through its various and varied educational institutions/campuses, as follows:

  1. A.I.’s Akbar Peerbhoy College of Commerce & Economics, Grant Road, Mumbai
  2. A.I.’s M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Byculla, Mumbai
  3. A.I.’s M. H. Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, Byculla, Mumbai
  4. A.I.’s Dr. M.I.J. Tibbia College & H.A.R Kalsekar Hospital, Versova, Mumbai
  5. A.I.’s Allana Institute of Management Studies, CSMT, Mumbai
  6. A.I.’s College of Hotel & Tourism Management, CSMT, Mumbai
  7. A.I.’s Institute of Hospitality Management, CSMT, Mumbai
  8. A.I.'s Kalsekar Technical Campus (AIKTC), New Panvel, Navi Mumbai
  9. AIKTC's School of Engineering & Technology
  10. AIKTC's School of Pharmacy
  11. AIKTC's School of Architecture
  12. A.I.’s A. R. Kalsekar Polytechnic, Panvel, Navi Mumbai
  13. A.I.’s A.P. College of Education (B.Ed), Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  14. A.I.’s Begum Jamila Haji Ab.Haq College of Home Science, CSMT, Mumbai
  15. A.I.’s Akbar Peerbhoy Girls’ Polytechnic, CSMT, Mumbai
  16. A.I.’s Polytechnic for Girls, Bund Garden, Pune
  17. A.I.’s Barrister A. R. Antulay College of Law, CSMT, Mumbai
  18. A.I.’s Moinuddin Harris Jr. College of Education, Mahim

A staff of 3000 including teachers and other staff of multi communities ensure quality education being delivered to these students. Anjuman-I-Islam is in the frontline for empowerment of women.

Anjuman I Islam (AI) welcomes students from myriad social backgrounds. Almost 50% of them come from economically challenged strata. AI provides them financial assistants from their own resources and the funds and charity given by our well-wishers, donors, and philanthropists. AI has a special Zakat Fund provision for the zakat eligible students to help them continue their education without any financial constraints. Through such endeavors, AI helps to fulfill the dreams of the financially marginalized students. Anjuman I Islam is dedicated to the noble cause of education for everyone including the ones who fail to pay their tuition fees. AI does not want any students to lose their hearts just because their parents cannot afford to pay. Quoting Maulana Abul Kalam Azad would not be extraneous here, he said “education imparted by heart can bring revolution in the society”. Anjuman I Islam is a practical example of this quote.

Anjuman I Islam, is committed to assist our students to achieve their educational goals on the back of the support systems devised and implemented by our institutes.

Our country’s most beloved former president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. So, it is the right time to change the world with this weapon of education.

Dr. Zahir I. Kazi